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Les publications du LabEx

De 2011 à 2019, le LabEx LIO est cité dans 355 publications et monographies, écrites par nos chercheurs et équipes de nos laboratoires partenaires. Retrouvez les toutes ci-contre par année.

Les publications 2021 (13)

Detection of nucleotides adsorbed onto clay by UV resonant raman spectroscopy: A step towards the search for biosignatures on Mars
By: Montagnac, G.; Hao, J.; Pedreira-Segade, U.; et al.

Mo(VI) dithiocarbamate with no pre-existing Mo-S-Mo core as an active lubricant additive

By: Al Kharboutly, M.; Veryasov, G.; Gaval, P.; et al.
TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL Volume: ‏ 154 Article Number: 106690 Published: ‏ FEB 2021

UV absorption lines and their potential for tracing the Lyman continuum escape fraction
By: Mauerhofer, V; Verhamme, A.; Blaizot, J.; et al.
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Volume: ‏ 646 Article Number: A80 Published: ‏ FEB 10 2021

Mining Google and Apple mobility data: temporal anatomy for COVID-19 social distancing
By: Cot, Corentin; Cacciapaglia, Giacomo; Sannino, Francesco
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Volume: ‏ 11 Issue: ‏ 1 Article Number: 4150 Published: ‏ FEB 18 2021

Formation of negative and positive ions in the radiosensitizer nimorazole upon low-energy electron collisions
By: Meissner, R.; Feketeova, L.; Bayer, A.; et al.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: ‏ 154 Issue: ‏ 7 Article Number: 074306 Published: ‏ FEB 21 2021

A Gravitational-wave Measurement of the Hubble Constant Following the Second Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo
By: Abbott, B. P.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T. D.; et al.
Group Author(s): LIGO Sci Collaboration; LIGO Sci Collaboration; Virgo Collaboration
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Volume: ‏ 909 Issue: ‏ 2 Article Number: 218 Published: ‏ MAR 2021

Study of scintillation light collection, production and propagation in a 4 tonne dual-phase LArTPC
By: Aimard, B.; Aizawa, L.; Alt, C.; et al.
JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION Volume: ‏ 16 Issue: ‏ 3 Article Number: P03007 Published: ‏ MAR 2021

Techni-Pati-Salam composite Higgs model
By: Cacciapaglia, Giacomo; Vatani, Shahram; Zhang, Chen
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: ‏ 103 Issue: ‏ 5 Article Number: 055001 Published: ‏ MAR 1 2021

Incorporation of Manganese Complexes within Hybrid Resol-Silica and Carbon-Silica Nanoparticles
By: Turquet, Francois-Xavier; Corbella, Montserrat; Fellah, Clementine; et al.
NANOMATERIALS Volume: ‏ 11 Issue: ‏ 3 Article Number: 774 Published: ‏ MAR 2021

Tracing the simulated high-redshift circumgalactic medium with Lyman alpha emission
By: Mitchell, Peter D.; Blaizot, Jeremy; Cadiou, Corentin; et al.
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: ‏ 501 Issue: ‏ 4 Pages: ‏ 5757-5775 Published: ‏ MAR 2021

Multiwave pandemic dynamics explained: how to tame the next wave of infectious diseases
By: Cacciapaglia, Giacomo; Cot, Corentin; Sannino, Francesco
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Volume: ‏ 11 Issue: ‏ 1 Article Number: 6638 Published: ‏ MAR 23 2021

End benches scattered light modelling and subtraction in advanced Virgo
By: Was, M.; Gouaty, R.; Bonnand, R.
CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY Volume: ‏ 38 Issue: ‏ 7 Article Number: 075020 Published: ‏ APR 8 2021

Composite Higgs meets Planck scale: Partial compositeness from partial unification
By: Cacciapaglia, Giacomo; Vatani, Shahram; Zhang, Chen
PHYSICS LETTERS B Volume: ‏ 815 Article Number: 136177 Published: ‏ APR 10 2021